Monday, May 05, 2008


Cinco de Mayo

Back when I thought I was a good NL player, and before the Muckleshoot started spreading 3/5 NL, I used to drive 60 miles north to the Tulalip casino. The action was always good and I only had one or two losing sessions up there. Yesterday was no different as I booked a small win (thanks to a fortunate AA vs KK hand where my Aces actually held up). It was with this new found money that I entered the following hand.

I'm UTG with Ks-Jc and I raise to $20. The button calls and so does the big blind. Both of these players are local pros. The flop is Kc-Js-7d. Two pair - sweet! The big blind and I check. The button bets $40 (as an aside - a $40 bet in these games is almost always a bet that will be folded to a big raise). The big blind smooth calls. I put him squarely on making a move against the other pro. I raise to $100. The button folds, but the big blind just smooth calls again.

Uh oh.

The Turn is the Ace of spades.

The big blind checks. I'm stuck now. After he called (before the turn card came), I put him on AK. Does he check here with AK? AJ is also possible. How about Q-10? It would have meant an extra $60 into a pot already worth $240. There is only one way to find out. I refuse to be timid.

I bet $210. I have only $150 left.

He says, "Nice hand," and goes all-in.

What do you do? What did I do?

How would you have played it differently?


JB said...

Fold pre-flop, KJ UTG is garbage. As you played, since you raised UTG you must fire a continuation bet on the flop otherwise it looks suspicious and you give away the strength of your hand.

I like a check on the turn, the A is a major scare card and you could easily be beat here. Really I think you should fold pre-flop and you would have never got into this mess.

p.s. I read your blog daily when you are in Iraq. I enjoyed your stories and appreciate your service to this country and the wounded.


My final out said...

This is a tough spot you got yourself into. The check on the flop makes it tough since you let the button build the pot. After the big blind called and then called again with your raise, I do not think you can put him on AJ. He has to know that if you have a set or AK he is beat no matter what comes, other than another J if you have 77. I put him on either Q 10, KK, or AK. None of those are good for you. When he checks the turn I would have checked behind and folded to a river bet that did not complete my boat. Just my 2 cents.


BamBam said...

I don't want too but I have to say, FOLD that garbage pre.


He is playing something very smooth. Either his cards are monsters, or he believes in re-re-reverse logic. You're playing him, you'll know better which one than me.

But from how it reads to me, he has crap to weak/solid in his hand and really was trying to make a later play at the pot at the start. Now he is on a draw and in his opinion and style of play, your "Nice Hand" might not be good enough to go broke with. He's goading you to fold. Also using his favorite brick & mortar move, "Nice hand, all-in" that he loves to tell his buddies about later at the bar.


You called and found him holding pocket Queen's, with only a draw to the 10-Q.


DrChako said...

Not a tough one here. The correct decision was to fold pre-flop. Since I was a moron and willingly put myself in a place where I had no idea where I was in the hand, I decided to really show how stupid I was and continued to make mistakes.

My check raise was good, but it was no where near enough. Q-10 is getting priced right in.

When the Ace comes on the turn, I should have been done with this hand. There was nothing I could beat. The check in the blind could only come from a total bluff or the nuts. No other hand checks here. Of course, I bet. Not only that, but I bet way too much. I could have gotten the same information from a bet of $125 or $150.

I wanted to make sure he thought I was pot committed with my bet, so I made it $210. When he goes all-in (regardless of the meaningless commentary), I have to fold.

Later he tells me he had Q-10 and I believe him.

As an aside, he continued an incredible run and was up $1200 when I left.


RaisingCayne said...

FYI... the river was about to come a Jack.

HighOnPoker said...

The only real problem I see post-flop was the bet on the turn. Once you had a sense he may have a strong hand, I think a check is in order.