Sunday, May 04, 2008

More Random Thoughts

4 May 08

I just got an email from Iraq. The unit I was there with is still there and in the last bit of their 15 month deployment. Get home safe guys.

Speaking of Iraq, I recall a conversation I had over there about age. We were sitting around one night and the subject of my perceived age came up. As a lieutenant colonel, I am quite senior in the military. I contended that I look very young for my age and everyone disagreed. They all felt that I was clearly older. Perhaps it was the glasses (I couldn’t wear contacts in Iraq). Now that I’m back and people don’t know about my rank, I again am hearing about how I look much younger than my age.

It’s nice to hear about poker players running good, although true to my wife’s comment, I’ve been trying to give my new found winnings back to the poker community. I’ve always felt I was a better limit player than no limit, so I’ve been playing the 8/16 game at the ‘shoot. I had one good winning session and two losing sessions. This is a very loose game made worse because every hour they splash the pot with an extra $100. Of course everyone calls and there is usually at least one raise. I’ve never won a splashed pot. In fact, there is a woman named Bonnie who won 5 of them. At least 3 of her wins were with the stone cold nuts (once with quad 5s). The pots get to 6 and 7 hundred dollars. Good luck calculating implied odds.

We saw an actual play last night. The Wife and I got dolled up (well, technically SHE got dolled up. I got spiffy), and we drove up to Seattle to the Paramount Theater for My Fair Lady. It was great. My wife was singing along to every song and I was really taken by the sets. The female lead was the spitting image of Audrey Hepburn, especially when she came out in the white gown. The singing was amazing.

Today we are headed north to the outlet malls. The Wife suggested that since I hate shopping so much, perhaps I wouldn’t mind being dropped off at the Tulalip Casino instead.

Life rocks.

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The Sister said...

I have had the very same conversation with a previous commander. Rank and position add age to even the most youthful looking commander/ranking individual. I, a person who looks very young for her age, have always prided myself on the accuracy of my guesses of the age of people. However, stick a Lt Colonel leaf on a person put them in a Command position and poof! 10 years are added. I was shocked to find out that the last three commanders are all within 7 years of my own age. Of course, I have a big mouth and was not shy about saying how old I thought they truly were. I ened up with two "Thanks a lot LT!'s" and one date. :)