Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Tilter vs. Tiltee

13 May 08

As mentioned numerous times in the past, I am tiltable. Since I’ve been on a hot streak, I’m tilting a lot less. It’s amazing how tilt is inversely proportional to winning.

Still, someone occasionally gets my goat - especially when they go on and on after a bad play that gets rewarded (like the guy that called me down with pocket 2s on a board of AKQ9 when I raised preflop).

99% of the time I stick to the axiom, “Don’t tap the glass.” These are the people who will eventually be giving me their money. Why piss them off?

Seat 3 had just called me down with his pocket 7s vs. my pocket 6s and was really talking about how great the play was. Seriously, he just kept going. He was still going on about it two hands later when I raised from middle position. He called (of course). The flop missed me, but I put in a continuation bet (a move I am coming to like less and less at limit poker) and he called. I checked the turn when a 3rd diamond hit. He bets. Normally I fold here, but I put him squarely on making a move with a straight and flush draw. The river missed me, but didn’t help him. I check. He bets. I pause briefly before calling and proudly turning over my Ace-high.

He mucked face down.

Again, normally I just keep my mouth shut and stack chips. In this case, I stopped mid-stack and looked right at him.

“Stings, doesn’t it?”

That’s all I said. I shouldn’t have said it, but I did.

He proceeded to give me another $400 over the next hour by calling down every pot I was in. It was beautiful.

Now, stop reading my egotistical rants and go read The Wife. She’s putting up some really great stuff.


Instant Tragedy said...

All your hopes... never mind. But sometimes if you tilt somebody especially in a tourney, they will find excuses just to bust you.

Majority of the time they go out way before you do.

But once again, can't you read the sign? Don't tap the glass ;-)

Hope you are enjoying life.


Lategreatjc said...

I thought that your comment was right on. I don't think there is anything wrong with conversation at the table! To bad you guys are going to miss the party! I'm going to cook up a mess of food!