Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Monsters Under the Bed!

21 May 08

While waiting for my seat at 8/16, I was watching the 5/10 spread limit game. The following hand unfolded, and it really demonstrates why I have no business playing No Limit.

Player 1 raises UTG to $30. He has about $800 behind (max buy-in is $1000). I don’t know him.
Player 2 calls. He has close to $1000 behind. He is young and fairly good.
Player 3 calls. He is an older Asian player who is tight and aggressive, which, if I may be stereotypical, is unusual in the Asian population at the Muckleshoot. He has about $3000 behind.

With $105 in the pot, the flop is Ks-Jh-10s.

Player 1 bets $100.

Player 2 raises to $250.

Player 3 re-raises the maximum to $750. Washington State rules dictate that the maximum bet or raise is $500.

Player 1 shows his end of the table (which I can see) his AK for TPTK and folds.

Player 2 debates a long time and folds Q9 face up. He folded the 2nd nuts face up!

Player 3 rakes a HUGE pot. As he starts to rake, he decides to show his hand. He had QJ for MP OESD. I think he only had one spade.

That’s one helluva play and an incredible read. I’m sure he didn’t put Player 2 on such a strong hand, but he was able to convince Player 2 that he had the stone cold nuts so it didn’t matter.

I’ll stick with Limit Hold ‘em, thanks.

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My final out said...

Thats a bad play by player #2. If you are not going to play the second nuts you probably should not be playing unless you have a dead read on the guy, which he obv. didn't.