Saturday, May 10, 2008

Two Interesting Hands

10 May 08

First of all, thanks to everyone for your comments on my Truckin' story. It means a lot.

Now, onto the hands! Both of these were at 20/40.

Hand #1: Unraised pot. I’m on the button with Ks-9d. I raise and get re-raised by the small blind who is a good (not great) player and has not made this move yet. I call and the dream flop comes Qc-Jd-10c. Sweet! Flopped the second nut straight.

He bets out. I raise. He re-raises, and I call (hoping to get more info about the strength of his hand on the turn). The turn is the 3 of clubs. I don’t like that 3rd club out there.

He bets again. I raise and he just calls.

The river is the 4 of clubs. Crap. Now there are 4 clubs on the board. There goes my straight.

He checks.

What did I do? What did he have? Would you have bet here?

Hand #2: I’m way up and feeling a little frisky. I am UTG with 8d-9d, so I raise. I get 4 callers including both blinds. The flop is Ac-Jd-Js. I check, basically having already given up on this hand with 4 callers. It checks around.

The turn is the 7 of spades. Check x 5.

The River is the 2 of hearts. There is $200 in the pot. Check x 5.

I did not win with my 9-high. What did?


Kerrizor said...

#1 - check. What are you beating that he'll call with.. maybe you get a lousy club to fold, but is our edge that great here? If I think I can bet for value, and get check-raised, I make the crying call and see nut straight or a club..

#2 - dueces never lose-es!

Instant Tragedy said...

#1 Check Because he has Kx9c

to take it with the q109club flush

#2 KQ, K10, Q10, 89 and the winner 22 :-)

If someone bets how many play back or go away?

Am I right?

DrChako said...

Hand #1. I put him on a big hand like AK, KK, QQ or JJ preflop. 10s, 9s and 8s are possible since my raise was from the button, but I think this is unlikely. Three of the big hands could have a club.

His re-raise on the flop is interesting because it's a scared re-raise. I contend this takes out AK with any club. When the 3rd club comes on the turn he bets out. When he just calls my raise, he doesn't have me beat with AK. The 4th club scares us both. Neither can bet. I just check, but I thought about betting. I can't because he calls with any club, but doesn't he bet out here with a club? He shows a set of Queens and I take the pot.

Hand #2. Q9 (i.e. Queen-high with a 9 kicker) beat Q8 and 45 to take down this $200 pot. For those of you who think that 20/40 must be a tighter game than 4/8, think again.